I'm Jodi

I'm pretty much like every other mom, wife, girl out there. We want the best for ourselves and those in our circle.

My love for cooking is not backed by an expensive education of world renowned fame, but just a "hunger" for good food and some important basic cooking instructions at my mothers apron strings. And I'm proud of that.

Perhaps one day, I'll take a course in cultural cooking.

I have some dear friends that claim they cannot cook. I'm baffled. How do they feed their family. A can of this, a frozen that, add in some drive through and deli rotisserie and I suppose that's what is for dinner.

Several years ago, my cooking habits were similar. But I came to realize, the companies that were making these products didn't care as much about my families health as they did their profits.

I am convinced that God has created ALL that we need to make healthy delicious meals in an array of flavors to suit everyone's taste. The best part of His way of preparing meals, is that He has created everything for our enjoyment. That tells me that meals shouldn't be mundane, boring or tasteless to be healthy.

My desire is to:

INSPIRE you to have the desire to cook better food

ENCOURAGE you to maintain a healthy lifestyle

EMPOWER you to realize that this is something you CAN DO 

Cooking healthy is not a death sentence to mundane and unFun food (yes, it's a word)

There is freedom in health

Is there something you're waiting for?
Now, Go Cook!

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