Eat Clean - Roasted Turkey & Kale - Lunch

To some, bringing lunch with you seems like a chore. But it can be uncomplicated and healthy! 


Simplicity reduces stress, limits thinking requirements and in the end, when it becomes a habit, benefits your life. 

Many mornings, I am racing to get kids breakfasts ready, lunches packed, homework signed, and off to the bus on time - all while getting myself ready for work or a day of errands. There have been many days I've left the house with no plan for my own afternoon meal.  100% of the time, this causes more stress. I leave myself with with 3 options:  
     1.  Grab something inexpensive (and unhealthy)
     2.  Grab something expensive (and somewhat healthy)
     3.  Skip lunch only to come home and devour anything that isn't bolted down

I don't like these options. They are stressful to me!! 

This morning was different. In about 3 minutes, I have a healthy, affordable, tasty lunch that will satisfy my hunger, my health and my wallet. Oh yes, and it was time efficient! 

To make this the most stress-free, I began last night. And it only took a total of 30 minutes start to finish. And not all of that was hands on time.

     1.  Start with a free-range turkey breast. Line my toaster oven sheet with foil. On the turkey, salt, pepper, lemon and 1 Tbls.  grape seed oil. Cover with foil and put in a 375 preheated toaster oven for 30 minutes.  Clean up is simple, thanks to aluminum foil.

     2.  Wash a bunch of kale, finely chop and store in the refrigerator. 

     3.  Hard boil 6 eggs. Store in the refrigerator.

So this morning, all I did was assemble in a glass container that I can take on the go. 

Lemon Turkey slices
Hard boiled egg
1/2 oz. Feta 
Lemon wedge

Sprinkle salt and pepper over the egg and kale. 
I would list the directions, but it's too simple! 

NOTE:  Use this healthier option for turkey instead of deli meats.

Now you know how to make a stress-free healthy lunch.